FOLAC 2019

In a very high mood astral FOLAC occurred in ROsario.
We want to thank everyone who in one way or another have been present in this FORUM and transmitted fantastic energies to all, especially to me …
I highlight my DM LD with almost 400 people from the three states of the South of Brasil … Many thanks!
The Hospitality Room with the work of the lions, the visit of our great leaders IP Gudrun , IPIP Naresh and Navita, VP Jungyul Choi and the Parade, all wearing the T-shirt OUR CANDIDATE ROSANE were striking for all of us …
In this FOLAC with respect to the Area 3 candidacies nothing new occurred … there was no voting …
Two candidates continue for our Area, reiterating that one supported by the majority of the Former Directors and another supported by some Former Directors and most of the LIONS and LEO family of our Area.
It was exciting and I was very touched when in two days, in two moments (including when it was repeated what everyone knows) the FOLAC audience in a choir shouted ROsane, ROsane, ROsane, with much applause, for a long time in a clear and uncontested demonstration of will of the lions to our great leaders who were present and a demonstration of Friendship Forever!
Friends all, time was and is short … I almost did not post photos of FOLAC because in many moments, many things …
and … I’m posting in the course of time …

Dear LIONS and LEO family

These moments are a time of reflection that involves the thoughts, overcome the inequalities that plague mankind and having the feeling that our work is part of something great.
Always serve and more, because only when we’re serving we’ll find GOD.
I take this opportunity to call the women, men, young people saying that they never must give up their dreams and ideals, to fight the prejudgment, and accept the diversity in all the areas, to fight to conquer worthy spaces in the world in which we live, sharing the life.
I like you and I am eternally grateful for your energy and support.

A very affectionate embrace , full of admiration and gratitude
Forever Friends – PID ROsane
Candidate for the 3rd International Vice President