Report and conclusions of the Simposium of the Women

On January 18th of 2012 in the city of Mazatlan, Mexico in the Auditorium of the Hotel El Cid Resort at 1545 PM, the Simposium of the Women and Family in our Lionism was initiated with an Attendance of over 200 persons.

The Simposium was opened by International Director Yamandu Acosta who made the
Protocol presentation of the Members in the Head Table of Honor consisting of Lion Judy Scruggs, spouse of PIP Sid Scruggs, Linda Madden, Spouse of 1st Vice President
Wayne Madden, Anne Palmer, spouse of 2nd Vice President Barry Palmer and International Director Dr, Sonja Pulley of Oregon.  Also present were Silvia Acosta, Rosenete Karnop and Lilia Valencia, spouses of Intl Directors Yamandu Acosta, Edison Karnopp and Carlos Valencia.  Also present at the Head Table
were the Expositors Luz Dary Ospina Salazar, Lilia Medel, Yanet Lungo and the Moderators Olga Acuña, Betty Aranda and Selma Aragao.

After the presentation of the Head Table, our Past International Director Rosane Vailatti, main Coordinator of this Simposium gave special thanks to our International
President Wing-Kun Tam and also to the team of Extension coordinated by I.D. Yamandu Acosta and Susan Haney, Director of Extension and Membership of LCI, for the opportunity bestowed on her to realize this important event.  Also standing out was the presence of special invited guests and their participation in this event.  To comply with the request of our Intl President Tam, we presented this event with the main
topic being “Women in Action for a Lionism in Growth.  We all make a special recognition of the Women as protagonist of the new World, pointing out that this Simposium has the object to strenghten the presence of Women in our Lionism to prepare them to carry out their Mission of actual and Competent Leaders . Increase the number of Women in our Lions Clubs Organization and continue our Projects of Service in our Communities with the object of bettering our Conditions of Life in the same.

In the presence Organization today in our Society of which our Lions Club Organization fills a great part, the Women contributes each day more on their Capacity of Leadership.  We want in this Simposium to invite you to continue this great effort.

In a historic decision in the General Assembly of the United Nations, they created Women in their Organization in the year 2010 with the main object to accelerate
the Progress and attend the necesity  and requirements of the Women and Children in all the World.  The United Nations presents to us a beautiful example and invites us through Lionism to Contribute with this project in the Defense of the Rights of the Women.  United Nation Women have been functioning since January 2011 with one of the greatest Women Leaders in our Constitucional Area No. 3 under the coordination of Doctor Michelle Bachelet, Sub-Secretary General of the United Nations Women and
Ex-President of Chile who to us constitutes a great pride.  This once again demonstrates the necesity of joining us more together and organizing us much more in the dificult  task we have to do to better the World.

This Simposium is a relevant thing for the Association of Lions Clubs as it gives us an opportunity to discuss more variable subjects that affects the Women, the Families and the Communities.  It is an Exceptional opportunity to grow as persons.  The subjects presented and the Expositors that made use of the words for fifteen minutes each were the following:

1.  Promoting the strength  of the Women in our Lionism.  Expositor, Luz Dary Ospina
Salazar of Colombia.

2.  Five strategies to obtain success.  Expositor, Lilia Medel Jaime of Bolivia.

3.  Leadership Yes.  Matriarchate No.  Expositor, Yeanet Lungo of Uruguay.

The Presentation realized by all the Expositors were brilliant, contributing to different

In continuation the participants were divided in three groups of work led by one of the Moderators with the object to reflex the acts presented and concluded in relations to them.

Conclusion of the Simposium.

To the question What kind of Women do we need in our Lionism?  The Conclusion was unanimous.  Women Leaders.

To have Women Leaders in our Association we propose a plan of Action;  Planning and realizing Activities through:

Work Shops and Courses of Leadership with the object of a better performance of the Women,

Organization of Simposiums, inviting stable Women of our Communities (not Lions) that will motivate the entrance of these in our Lionism making sure we act accordingly once these Women enter our Organization.

What we have mention herewith previously , new members will be the motivators
for the recruiting of other Women.

That each Lion Club have a Woman responsible for the recruiting of more Women.

To evaluate the possibility that all the Lions Clubs have 100% of Women members.
Contact with the mediums of Communication.  Comunicate thru the Press, Newspapers,  Radio and Local Televisions, etc etc, letting our Communities know all the great things Lions do to help the most needed and poor families in their Communities and distinguishing our multiple activities of service our Women Lions accomplish thru our Lionism.  This will promote a great increase of  Women Lions in our Organization.  The growth of Women in our Lions Clubs these past eight (8) years reflects a growth from 14.5% to 23.60%.

This signifies that in this same period 2003 to 2011, the presence of women in our Lions Clubs increased from 196,135 Women members to 317,375 Women members, a sifnificant increase of 121,240 Women members in this eight year period.

Also considering the statistics in our Constitucional Area No. 3  who has the highest percentage of Women Members in our Organization in the whole World, 39.60%
and whose goal projected for year 2017 (year of our 100 year Anniversary) is to reach the presence of 50% of Women members in our Lionism Worldwide.

We need to involucrate all our Leaders, Presidents of Lions Clubs, District Governors,
Vice Governors, Special Cabinet Advisors, International Leaders to have an Incentive
Plan in their Clubs to generate 100% Women and a Special Recognition to these Women in our Lions Clubs.

With the effort we all will make, we have the conviction that we will reach our Goal of 500,000 Women members in the year of 2017, year of our 100 years Anniversary.

This goal was presented to our International President Dr. Wing-Kun Tang in the Lions World Convention celebrated in Seattle, Washington this past June 30th 2011 and if we all work hard together using all our means, I am sure we will achieve this goal promised to our International President last year in Seattle.

It was a great Joy and Satisfaction for all of us who attended this Simposium the visit of our International President Dr. Wing-Kun Tam, our Past International President and Chairperson of LCIF, Sid Scruggs III, our International Vice Presidents, Wayne Madden
and Barry Palmer, our candidate for 2nd Vice President in Busan, Korea, Joe Preston
and our International Directors in function, Edison Karnopp and Carlos Valencia who visited the the three groups during the Simposium while they were in session and where very impressed with what they saw and heard.  President Wing-Kun Tam talked very short to the Lions attending this Meeting telling them how important it was to have Women Leaders in our Organization.  PIP Sid Scruggs and Chairperson of LCIF
also had a few words stating also how mportant it also was to cooperate with the program of LCIF and to join the fraternity of Friends of Melvin Jones with our donations as tioday there was a number of tragedies all over the world and the donations were needed so we could cooperate with these tragedies.  After their Interventions they were both strongly applauded.  All the members present mentioned that they all were all well aware of the importance of Women Lions in our Organization

Many photos were taken with all the groups together and many thanks were giving to
Pres Tam, I.D. Yamandu Acosta for his support and confidence giving to the organizers
of this Simposium to our ist and 2nd Vice President, our International Directors in function, our Expositors, Moderators and to each of the lions present who participated in this successful Assembly.  The presence of I.D. Dr. Sonja Pulley was very positive and a great honor for us to have her with us.  Many thanks again to Sue, Corina and
Tamara who were excellent colaborators.  We also missed the presence of Becca.

To conclude this successful and important Simposium, Rosane informed the Lions present that for each question they were going to be asked now the answer should be I Believe.

First question asked was “Do you believe the importance of the work in the Women
besides the Men for the strenghtening of our Movement.  Answer.  I Believe.

Second question.  Do you believe that working much harder for the increase of
Women Lions in our Organization will keep our Constitutional Area No. 3 with the most Women Lions in the World.  Answer.  I Believe.

Third question.  Do you believe that all of us being united and working together, we remain mucho stronger making our work much easier.  Answer.  I Believe.

Thank you all very much,  a big Hug and Kiss to all of you, with the Conviction
that we will remain friends forever.

Rosane Vailatti
Past International Director
Coordinator of the Simposium