Rondônia receives the MDLA Convention

Rondônia receives the MDLA Convention, Meeting of CG and Seminar for Leonistic Leaders

Happened from May 17th to 19th, in Porto Velho, the Seminar for Leonistic Leaders, coordinated by the CL Edward Lago de Macedo, and with the presence of the elected Governors and Vice-Governors, which listened attentive the brilliant expositors.

Parallel to the Seminar happened the Meeting of Governors’ Council, led by the President CL José Gentil, and with the presence of the Governors, having as hostess the dear Governor Elza.
The opening of the convention counted on the presence of the Former-Lion, the Senator Valdir Raupp and his wife, Federal Deputy Martinha Raupp.
We detach the presence of the PID Rosane Vailatti, of PID Fabricio de Oliveira-Amárilis, of the homage of PCC Convention CL Feliciano de Melo Mêne- Vitória.

PID Rosane talked about the LCIF and also ended the seminar talking about leadership, GLT and GMT.
PID Rosane was introduced by the valuable PCC Feliciano Mêne and addressed the targets of the International President Sid Scruggs, emphasized the GMT and GLT, detached the motto of the future President Tam, evidencing the greatness of the International Association of Lions Clubs.
Thank you very much LIONS and LEO families of Multiple District LA.