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 LIONS and LEO family,

I am very pleased to send you attached the magazine “ROsane de las Americas”. This magazine describes the main points about Rosane as Lions leader candidate by MD LD to LCI 3 rd VICE PRESIDENCY. The magazine features details her volunteer activity and leadership skills ensuring her competency to be LCI President.]

Enjoy the reading.

Warm regards

PCC Claudio M Rigo – ROsane Campaign Coordinator MD LD

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Message from PID ROsane and PCC Claudio Miessa Rigo

After receiving endless messages, a lot of phone calls, it is a must to report and explain a little of OUR walk in the past years.

Dear LIONS and LEO family.

“It takes a lot of courage to face our enemies, but it takes even more courage to face our friends.”

Many of you know PID ROsane, the friend ROsane.

And they have been together with us for so many years.

 Like everything we’ve done in life, we’ve always done it with commitment and love … and in this OUR application was no different. If we got where we got, that was with everybody’s support…

It has never been the ultimate goal to reach LCI VP. But we had in mind the responsibility of a nomination.

WE FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! We brought with us a baggage of dreams and ideals on this trip, hoping to overcome difficulties with honesty and ethics.

We have also brought much love and trust into our hearts, sometimes crushed by circumstances but aided by a divine force.

Eight years have passed since the initial release. You were patient, tolerant and collaborative…

Recently, LCI supported nomination of LCI Third VP candidate to compete in Singapore … We felt that over 90% of our Area 3 LIONS and LEOs who were united around OUR application were important pillars in this journey, and today from the testimonials we have read and the messages we have received we have seen that many are still united and thinking that something can change this situation…

We have the endorsement for two more years … we don’t need to rush anything.

I wholeheartedly thank you, the constant supporters of OUR application…What a great gift!

We feel we have won in every way and some people have said: ROsane, you were brave, courageous and a lot more. You have won in Brazil and in the world … you as a woman represented us all brilliantly.

Thank you, Regina Werneck. You have made us aware of the importance of our role in this

Journey which was not small.

Yes, we did it. Be sure that we fight with all of our strength in praising women in general and especially in our area with about 50% women. We would definitely be a strong voice in defending LIONS women. Not only from LIONS because we have been attending Domestic Violence symposiums for a long time and we know the difficulties of so many women who sadly do not have the privileges we all have.

We tried to be close to the young people and we got a lot of support. LEO Miguel from LD-8 sent us an audio saying he didn’t understand what was going on. He who had led a LEO DMLD manifest signed by all districts recently and sent to all Leaders, getting no response. And Renata’s video that made us tremendously sensitized. And so many other manifestations. We were really touched!

We now ask you: How many people have this opportunity? 

Being nominated by the largest Area 3 DM for the maximum LIONS position is a privilege and we strive all the time to live up to that trust.

Much learning acquired meeting many different types of people, good and bad, understanding and intolerant, sincere and false, many friends we keep in our hearts with extreme care. That is diversity!

Motivation to study languages. We don’t intend to stop studying them.

Getting to know different places. We love to travel and suddenly being able to go to many other places we want with no compromises.

And you were the support we needed on this journey, and we were happy, a strongly supported candidate for VPI. Thank You !

We know it was a long walk. We know that some got tired. Although, others encouraged us with lovely words that caressed the heart.

 Just imagine – we wanted to do other things too, but the Mission was more important. And we evidenced.

We didn’t know what this walk was like. If members are LIONS’s biggest target, we thought they had the power of decision. We were wrong!

If we are sad for the unpredictable decision at this moment, we should be glad for the opportunity of learning that this was, perhaps with some pain.

Imagination and thoughts populated our minds because we put together fiction and reality. But as Mahatma Gandhi said: Joy is in the struggle, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the proper victory. 

We have always had as a principle THE RECEIVING AND THE SERVING … LOVE AND BE LOVED. And that is what we have done in life, at LIONS all the time, as members and as leaders, always seeking to inspire.

Our ethics as a compass and how many things happened contrary to our principles, but for many it doesn’t matter.

Recalling a little sad facts that occurred in our journey: 

- The exchange of support obtained with the loss of vacancy for a Brazilian director every other year.

Not allowing Area 3 candidates to speak at OUR Forum – FOLAC, in disrespect of our LIONS.

- The simulation of a Facebook page to blacken the image of an application.

The lack of impartiality required by the role of the International Directors.

- The pressure of many “leaders” on district leaders not allowing Rosane to be the invited speaker to the districts.

- Letters sent to district officers with threats to support another candidate.

And the threats to support another candidate with reprisal that if this support didn’t occur, any candidate from this district wouldn’t be supported. Threats at LIONS? How about the freedom of choice?

The sending of a mail saying that the research link formulated so willingly by a fellow member who wanted to comply with what LCI was saying, that Brazil should solve, or Area 3, was not to be opened because it was a virus.

 And much more. One ATTITUDE over another ATTITUDE, contrary to our principles. And all of this we are remembering, maybe some weren’t told.

 Even as the world opens its doors to women and many men walk together, here in our Area 3 there is still a lot of sexism and many claimed that the Area could not be led by a woman, the only woman elected as International Director. 

These were moments of ordeals. Being a woman in a mostly male environment we need firmness to be able to express our opinion and tell the truth many times. And we had the words cut out many times.

 And we know that we lost D 60, which was from Area 3, because they didn’t want to give the International Board to another woman and which in other Latin American countries there are women willing to be candidates for ID and they are not being offered this moment.

The practice is always different from the speech many times…

What is the first objective today of Area 3 – to have gender parity … if we want more women entering leonism, they need to be offered higher positions … But all this is only known by living closely … and a lot of people do not know, and those who have not gone through this easily forget.

Be sure: we gave ourselves heart and soul and when we fight for our ideals we lend the soul to the world.

We have been fueled by your encouragement, and here we thank everyone who has excited encouraged us, supported us, strengthened us, those who had the guts to persist with Rosane to this day. THANK YOU!

Despite countless attempts to wane, we have rescued and raised OUR self-esteem many times because we believed in a “healthy” Lionsism.

We feel we have won in Brazil, Area 3, in the world, and this has been told and written by many people.

We do not consider a defeat, because even when things do not happen as we imagine we gain experience and tenacity for new challenges. We are more empowered for life.

In teaching history and OSPB in the Law course, we learned that politics can be an instrument of transformation of society for the common good. We ran away from partisan politics because we do not accept many things, but we face unexpected situations on this journey.

This political challenge that all of us face can be ignored and we move on as if nothing had happened. We thought we could make the difference and we couldn’t. We know we were an example of volunteer work. We are proud of our journey based on dedication, in building a worthwhile story to serve those in needs, to respond to the aspirations of their members.

 And with all this certainty, 50 years have passed. So, it’s very sad and painful to realize that we were wrong.

 What could be the answer given to those who LIONS who gave us a significant trust? Questions in the air…What now?

Our parents taught us that it is duty to respect others’ decisions, love God, freedom of our choices, without harming others. We have always been with LIONS by our side.

And we recognized by the volunteer service that we performed with much love in our hearts, we are increasing functions in our movement and other associations, always faithful to our principles, and it is hard to explain why they were ignored.

The wishes of the lions of the largest District of Area 3, the endorsement of all collegiate of 9 years in a row, the President and the Governors. It would not be a favor to VP for DM LD, it would be a fair recognition.

 - The several manifestos showing the greatness of our DM. It was not CaL Rosane who signed, it was the governors on behalf of all associates.

 - The SUPPORT in National Conventions that many Districts and countries have given us.

- The loud voice that spontaneously sounded at FOLAC in Rosario - ROsane, ROsane that was witnessed by all the leaders present and these voices from the base of Leonism were ignored.

  - The longings of the LEOs who have often asked for support for ROsane … and have been left without an answer. And we want to motivate young people.

  - Our valiant works performed with our efforts.

  - The fact that PID ROsane knows and is known around all Area 3 Districts and has made more than 360 visits after DI, and many countries do not even know the other candidate.

  - AREA 3 is the only one in the world with a high percentage and differentiated from other areas in relation to the presence of women.

It wasn’t ROsane who would arrive, it would be all the women in our area.

- The proposal of our Campaign Coordinator to do a democratic research in the Districts in Brazil to choose the Brazilian candidate.

- We were often told that Area 3 Brazil would have to resolve, but the outcome of the polls were ignored, which although unofficial, 94% of voters expressed a desire to see PID ROsane at VPI. 

In the interview with the candidates in Milan, we said:

 -DMLD may not nail it, but we need to know the criteria so that we can respond to our supporters … And unlike previous years, where we have always supported the candidate indicated, we have not received any phone calls to report this year’s nomination.

 The consideration with people’s feelings that has always been a major concern of ours, that’s why we think we have received so many calls and messages … is the tonic of 21st century leadership.

And we always thought that to be LCI Vice President would be important for a prepared candidate, who spoke other languages, who had strong relationships and who above all, had a life dedicated to the motto WE SERVE!

In the world we believe belongs to all of us, Leaders and followers. We think things will only really be right when they’re good for everyone.

 But watch out … we’re not talking as if it were the unselected candidate. We are writing to you, giving an excuse to what happened in OUR journey, true to our principles that we always preserve and trying to answer so many questions received and testimonials made.

You’re right: We did our best on this journey. We thank you for the texts, the messages, the prayers, the phone calls, and the conviction that we would not have made this journey without your indispensable support. THANK YOU! Has our attempt failed for injustice?

 What really happens today in a nomination for the Third International Vice President doesn’t depend on us and may not match our ideas of grassroots lions. This is the answer we have to give to all questions received.

 We recently received, and many of you, an open letter to ROsane from the Dominican ID Rodoldo Espinal where he emphasizes the victory of Area 3 leaders, great leaders, asking our support for the other candidate. And did they by any chance hear the voice of lions asking for support for ROsane?

 No human being is so rich that he can buy his past, nor so poor that he has to sell his future.

 The promotion of ethics for us will never cease to exist, trust in a company, association, occurs through committed and innovative leaders that preserve its credibility. We are all responsible for the future.

 We confess that often with so much support received and wonderful words, we consider ourselves President of LCI.

 But right now, we are reporting, remembering, and reporting on a journey that is OUR … In this context, in our conjecture, wise is one who renounces himself by the power of truth, feeling free, full of humbleness. And we are endowed with this feature.

 Maybe we can say now that we feel free.

 Letting go is to be closer and closer to yourself, to God, and much closer to happiness.

 Life is made of cycles.

Happiness consists in letting go of things, people, situations and feelings and allowing a new stage to begin in our lives, ensuring that we are not hurt. We LEARN that love releases and cares, exaggerated attachment traps and suffocates.

 At every moment we value the little things like contemplating nature, the health of each one, the love that is nourished, and if sometimes, on this walk, the sun would hide, we were sure that it would shine again. Because this is important in life!

We can say very loudly: We lead ourselves in many moments with dignity … often as phoenix are reborn. We are the winners of ourselves in various clashes on this journey. Congratulations!



Over time, we will always choose the path that keeps the heart in mind!

 Calling everyone Companions is too little for those who followed every step of our fight, for whom our defense lawyer was. Calling them friends is not enough.

 We have a great need to say THANK YOU!

 Thank You, Thanks GOD so much who allowed us to experience so relevant moments to our lives.

 Thank you District LD-5. Thank you LD Multiple District!

 Thank you to LIONS Association that has been with us our whole life and has provided us with this enriching journey.

 A loving hug full of admiration and gratitude from FRIENDS FOREVER.

 PID ROsane  Teresinha Jahnke

PCC Claudio Miessa Rigo – PID ROsane Campaign Coordinator

 A very special THANKS to the Coordinator of our Campaign, PCC Claudio Miessa Rigo because every time we need him, he was there, his ideas for the insight needed at so many times, and often anticipated our questions. Since it is impossible to name, it is in your name that I thank all our strong supporters.

 To our great Lion, my father Rolando (in memorian), an inspiration to me.

 My whole family, who even tired of this journey supported me and you …. YOU, holders of countless talents who supported and fought for OUR candidacy. THANK YOU! ROsane.


To Lead

The leader’s role is to identify and meet the legitimate needs of people who need to be appreciated, treated with respect and dignity, listened to. True leadership requires a huge donation from the leader.

Studies by the Gallup Institute show that more than two-thirds of people resign from their “bosses,” not companies. What about lionism? What is the number of people leaving the movement due to disenchantment with their leaders and lack of environment?

 It’s good to know that all of these characteristics of a server leader aren’t built overnight, but day after day, with perseverance, hard work, peace of mind, and boldness. Another important thing to consider is that the server leader, in addition to learning, must learn to unlearn and learn new ways to lead, must be open to the ever-changing world. We need leaders who are not content to have followers …

   James Hunter       


  A Path with Heart   

“Everything is one between a million paths. Therefore, you must always keep in mind that a path is no more than a path. If you feel you should not follow it, you should not remain on it under any circumstances.

And is necessary reflect. And you will know that any path is nothing but a path, and there is no affront to you or others if you let go if that is what your heart tells you to do. To continue on the path or to drop it you must be free from fear and ambition. Look carefully at each path, and with purpose. Try it as many times as you feel necessary.

Then ask yourself, and only yourself, one thing: Does this path have a heart? All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. There  are paths that cross the bush, or enter the bush. In my life I can say that I’ve been on long, short paths, but I’m not anywhere.

Does this path have a heart? If so, the way is good; if not, it is no good. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has heart and the other does not. One makes life joyful; while you follow him with your heart. The other will make him curse his life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you. 

  Carlos Castañeda